About Us

“My prime interest is to get on with the job at hand – making my very special brand of Colby surfboards. I put my 30 years of surfing into the design of every board that comes out of the Colby factory. I insist riding every model right through it’s development stage. My philosophy is ‘surf everything, ride everything’ that pays homage having fun in every condition. I ride all the different boards that I make from a 9’4 single fin longboard to a 5’7 Jelly Fish and everything in between. The Colby Brand of boards is a little different to others in that it promises an expectation of a quality product with exceptional attention to detail and a wave vehicle that will makes the owner of any one of the models that bear the name, have a ton of fun in the water. “My goal is to increase the stoke/smile my riders have when they’re in the water, and I try do this by making sure that they select the correct board for their surfing level”.

If you’re looking for a special board then our shop at 42 Sylvester Ntuli Rd is definitely worth a visit. You’ll find some sick boards you can buy directly off the rack or, if it’s a custom board you’re looking for, I can advise you on what will work best for you. Contact me. Kevin Colby