The Ampeg is our latest addition to our performance range. Designed for hollower more powerful waves, works great in both heavy beach breaks and on the south African point breaks like j-bay. The wide point is slightly forward and the tail has been pulled in slightly allowing the Ampeg to stay tight and on the rail through the turn. Slightly more foam under the chest helps with paddling into waves, while the thinner tail is perfect for big rail turns and those that love hunting the barrel. 

Technical features

  • Low entry rocker 
  • Added rocker in the tail 
  • High performance good wave board 
  • Low boxy  rails 
  • Added area in the chest  
  • Thin slippered out tail 

Popular sizes

  • 5’11  x 18 ¾  x 23/8 “ 29L 
  • 6’1  x 19 ¼”  x 2 ½  “  31L
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