Sea Gull


The Sea Gull has been designed as a nose rider and at Colby Surfboards, we believe one should approach ridding this type of longboard more like riding a Harley Davidson than riding an off-road dirt bike. The bottom contours are very different from that of a performance longboard, the don has a flat rocker with a vee bottom. This bottom shape slows the board down and helps keep the surfer stay in that sweet spot one requires for that great nose ride. The rails are soft especially towards the tail of the board, soft rails hold on the face of the wave. Water bends around their curves slowing the board down and providing a more stable ride.

Technical Features

  • Flat rocker
  • Wide rounded square tail
  • Rolled vee bottom
  • Soft round rails
  • Spoon/concave nose area

Available sizes

  • 9’1 x 22 3/4 x 2 3/4 – 73L
  • 9’3 x 23 x 2 7/8 – 76L
  • 9’6 x 23 x 3 – 80L
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